Photographic Exchange TFP-TFCD

Hello, welcome to this section about TFP – TFCD photographic exchange.

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If you get this site It means that you’re interested in obtain more information about photo sessions exchanges and probably participate in one. If so then keep reading.

As a photographer I am always seeking new people that could contribute something new to my portfolio. My main interests are photography in fashion, portraits and fitness, male and female. Tattoos are always welcome. If you are an aspiring or experienced model that count with a good looking appearance and fit my portfolio style, feel free to contact me here to organize a possible colaboration. I am open to any kind interesting purpose.

If this is the first time that you are hearing about TFP – TFCD sessions please let me explain it better.


TFP / TFCD means Time for Portfolio (or Time for Prints) and Time for CD (of digital images). This means that the participants of the meeting, model and photographer, grant their time and skills available to create and deliver a series of high quality images in order to extend their portfolios, and will be delivered in CD or digitally.

A mutual benefit is obtained with that situation, the model gets professional images for personal or self-promotion use and photographer will have new material with which to promote their services, improving and expanding its portfolio. This exchange is unpaid, so no money transfer is made, but should be treated like a work because it can be the base of a near future work. The big advantage here is that we can produce freely creative material for any idea that comes to mind.


– The Session

Once we agree to do the session we will get to work. I will share with you further information in order to have a better idea of the photoshoot. Such information are general recommendations regarding times and locations, adequate clothing and reference examples to facilitate the work and define the main idea around which to focus the session. Everything will be a joint decision so we’ll be in touch.

– Final Images

After the session I will send the resulting photographs for you to choose among the best ones (about 6 to 8 images) in order to edit and retouch them for getting the best of each image and produce professional results.

– The Rights

To benefit all and avoid any inconvenience, the participants will sign an agreement indicating the assignment of copyright by the photographer and the assignment of rights from the model image. No need to worry about it, this is just a guarantee to use the images in a professional and safe manner.

– Usage of Images

The use of images is for professional purposes of self-promotion, and may be for personal use by the model. If you want to make commercial use of the same, shall be under the consent of the parties involved.

I hope this information helped you to have a general idea of ​​how a  TFP – TFCD session works. If you have any questions or are interested in colaborate with me, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer you back. Currently I am based in Lisbon (Portugal) and I use to travel to Seville (Spain).