If you get here it does mean that your session is getting closer. Here I will give you some recommendations and considerations to have into account in order to get the most at your session. Fot that purpose I will need your collaboration, Are you ready?



I just want to know the main reason you contacted me to make the session. It will be a good start to share what you think about it. Have you ever make a photographic session like this? Do you want to know how it would be? or Do you need new photos for your promotion in agencies? or maybe, you have a competition and you want to take advantage of your great moment of shape. Whatever it is the reason, let’s talk.


What is your main idea? I’m sure you have a few examples that inspire you. How do you want to portray yourself? Tell me what you like and what you don’t to best pull out your personality. All this information will be usefull to discuss any element of your photo session.

This will include what style of photo shoot you are looking for (casual, formal, sporty…) and what you want to achieve from your session. A great source of ideas and inspiration is browsing internet, pinterest is full of great and beautiful images. Once you find something that you like share it with me.

From my side I will share with you too some references, models and photographers, that could fit your style. Once we find the examples that you are comfortable with we will have more ideas to work with.


The location is one of the key decisions, but there is no need to worry about it. Take it easy, It can be your favorite park, any place you use to go for relaxing, maybe your home? or some other beautiful place that you like. At this moment I don’t own any studio but there are many other options out there to choose, just keep it simple.

Be aware that the real protagonist is you. We will choose a place where you feel confortable. If you don’t have a clear idea we could start with dismissing some styles. If you prefer landscape, beach , an urban style or maybe an abandoned area. Whatever idea you have just share it with me and we will find the better place for you.


Outdoor lighting is best during the hours near sunrise and sunset. That means early in the morning the 2 first hours after sunrise and late in the afternoon the 2 hours before the sunset. The exact hour will depend on the season of the year.

In regards to the date tell me your preferences and we will set a day for your shooting. The sooner you decide it the more possibilities to get the desire day for your shotting will be, we need to match our availabilities.


What is your style? What kind of clothes you want to wear in the session? You can choose several styles. The options could range from a more formal style, to sporty or casual style, to swimwear or underwear, or just shirtless. It is all up to you.

Different clothing styles depending on the theme and season could be:  Suit, shirts, tie & bow, t-shirts & tanktops, sports wear, jeans and other casual trousers, jackets, pullovers, raincoat, swimwear, underwear, different shoes and boots, and so on. 

Some general considerations go through not using matchy matchy clothes or crazy patterns or flashy designs. The purpose is not let the clothes attact more than the necessary attention. The most important thing here is that whatever you wear you will need to feel confortable, the camera will appreciate that.


There are lots of accesories from which you may consider to select:
sunglasses, watches, rings, sport items, nice bags, caps and hats, scarfs, a cigar, headphones, etc. I think you got the idea.


If you are nervous and a little blemish appear the day before of the photoshoot don’t worry. If there is anything you are not comfortable with just let me know, I can take care of that in the retouching stage. I will do my best to make you look fantastic.


There are some recommendations to take into account for the day of the session:

– Sleep well the night before. At least 8 hours, under-eye dark circles are not the best for looking amazing.
– Don’t get drunk the day before, just think about it :).
– Try to eat in a proper way. No heavy meal will make you feel completely confortable.
– If you are thinking about cutting your hair or your beard, think about how many days you will need for it to get the desire size.



The most important thing of all is to relax and be yourself. Naturallity and good disposition is the key. If you are nervous you will be able to see it in you pictures. Take your time in your preparation and arrive early. Remember if you are going to be late informing about that is always welcome. Make sure you remember to bring everything with you.

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions during the shoot don’t hesitate in share them with me. If you feel unconfortable with any situation just let me know to avoid it, it won’t help at the end and I want you to feel confortable and confidence in any situation.


For some people posing could be a natural thing but not for others. In any case I will be taking to you, providing some guidance if necessary. Also, feel free to comment what you want, pose as you want or change you want to be done. Sometimes pretending I am not there, not paying attention to me, is what work the best. The only secret here is to be natural without forcing anything. 


If you want to come to the session together with a friend or familiar it is more than ok. There are a few points to have into account:
– You need to be comfortable with that. Be aware that the simple fact of posing can put yourself in an unusual situation in fron of that person . If you think you can be shy or unconfortable it could affect the final result.
– The companion may follow the session as long as doesn’t interfer with it.
– It won’t be possible for the companion to participate unless previously agreed.
– In any case we can always suggest him/her to go for a coffee while the photoshoot last 🙂 



After the session I will take care of the resulting photos. In the next couple of days I will send you the proofs by email for you to choose the best among them. The quantity will depend on the choosen package. I can always suggest you the ones I think could have more potential but It will be always up to you.

After selecting the top pictures I will work on those. I will enhance and retouch them in order to get the most out of each one. I will send you the final photos within 2 to 3 weeks. If you have any comments to do or want any corrections to be done just let me know. When all is finished I will send you 2 versions of the images, one in high resolution and other watermarked version in low resolution for sharing and social media purpose.

As you can see, all the process is something else than what happens during the photoshoot session. At least, I like to be organized and do the things step by step 🙂 Although now It seems like a lot of information, each detail counts at the end for you to have great pictures to enjoy. Let’s get started?